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Helping Businesses Grow When extreme conditions require Dokka Strong

Heavy Engineering fasteners

Whether the customer’s product is a large wheeled mining vehicle, or a large conveyor, or a massive powerplant, or a pressure vessel, or just about any heavy duty application – Dokka has the right Heavy Engineering fasteners for the job. They are all Dokka Strong manufactured, to function in the most demanding applications.

For over 100 years, Dokka Fasteners has built our product with safety and security as the cornerstones of our processes.  Our fasteners are “Forged From Integrity” to withstand the extremely rigorous applications that our customers require.

So when the application is for a large piece of equipment or in an absolute severe environment, our customers turn to Dokka Fasteners to ensure that their rigorous applications are fastened securely with a Dokka bolt.

At Dokka Fasteners we respect this by having all critical processes in-house e.g. hardening, fully automated Hot Dip Galvanizing and fully accredited lab for product verification.

Further separating ourselves from the competition, Dokka Fasteners can also provide inventory management on a global basis, utilizing the local Würth logistics facility.

Heavy Engineering fasteners in property classes 8.8, 10.9 and 12.9:

• Hex Bolts M12-M100
• Stud Bolts M20-M100
• Threaded Rods M20-M100
• Offered in addition to ASTM B7/L7
• EN10204 3.1 certified products
• AD2000 Merkblatt W10 approved for pressure vessels
• CE/TÜV certified steel construction bolts