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Fasteners for the Oil & Gas industry

In the Oil & Gas industry, the equipment responsible for drilling and transporting their precious cargo is subject to some of the harshest environmental and fatigue conditions. This equipment is designed to survive a multitude of temperature and pressure conditions, and the expectations are that the fasteners used to assemble this equipment will sustain these extreme conditions as well. This is where a Dokka fastener shines.

At Dokka Fasteners, our product is built with safety and security as the cornerstones of our processes. Our fasteners are “Forged From Integrity” to withstand the extremely rigorous applications that our customers require. For over 100 years, Dokka Fasteners has manufactured world class hex bolts, double-ended studs, and threaded rod for customers around the world. So when the application is for a large piece of equipment in an absolute severe environment, our customers turn to us to ensure that the difficult applications are fastened securely with a Dokka bolt.

Further separating ourselves from the competition, Dokka Fasteners can also provide inventory management on a global basis, utilizing the local Würth logistics facility.

Dokka Fasteners offers full traceability with EN10204 3.1 certification on our products – 3rd party inspection upon request

Products offered for the Oil & Gas industry:

• Property classes 8.8, 10.9, 12.9 in addition to ASTM B7/L7
• Hex Bolts M20-M100
• Stud Bolts M20-M100
• Threaded Rods M20-M100
• Riser Flange Bolts in AISI 4340 manufactured to customer spec. and requirements.